Social Media, Creative Content and Community Management

Branding is the synergistic alignment between brand, business and communication (Ana Couto, 2019);

Branding is the management of a brand's personality over time with the goal of eliciting conscious and unconscious sensations and creating connections that are crucial for the customer to choose your brand at the moment of purchase decision for the product or service.

And it is with the maintenance, consistency, and coherence of your project developed with us in mind that we created DeFato: an arm responsible for taking care of the continuity of your brand in the way we designed it.

This is a special service for those who have already developed their brand with us and want to maintain the same standard of excellence and curation in their communication channels.

For this, we have a team of accredited professionals who work on the strategic and executive management of your Instagram platform. All plans include a specialized team in design, communication, art direction, and photography.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our plans.

What we do:

  • Content planning and strategy

    Organizing marketing according to brand events

  • Copywriting

    Texts that accompany posts, stories, and captions

  • Feed posts

    Number of graphic or animated pieces to be posted per month

  • Stories posts

    Number of graphic or animated pieces to be posted per month

  • Photography session

    Art direction and 25 new brand photos per quarter

  • Performance report

    Monthly document with performance metrics

  • Customer service for followers

    Direct message support for followers

  • Influencer mapping

    Research, budgeting, briefing creation, and action monitoring

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